Musicians’ Portal

The Musicians’ Portal is designed for CMSSL musicians, serving as an access that will contain all pertinent information.

Click on the links below to review concert & rehearsal dates, repertoire, venues, education/outreach concerts, special events and information relating to rehearsals and concerts.

To reserve rehearsal space, review this form and contact Jim to block out specific times for your group.

Rehearsal/Concert Schedule and Rehearsal Sign-up


Rehearsal and concert information:

December 7 “As the Winds Blow”

December 9 and 10 “The British are Coming”

January 20 and 21 “Special Blend”

January 27 and 28 “Mozartiana”

February 10 and 11 “Lovefest Rides Again”

March 2 “Baroque Brass”

March 23 and 24 “Fantastic Classics”

April 11 “Keyboard Conversation”

May 11 “Playing Favorites”


Related forms and for office use:

MEMO Describing Details of 2019-20 Season

Single Ticket Order Form

‘Announcing’ Order Form